Awaken Industries
"embracing corporate technology to make a presence on the web."

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Updated August 30th, check out the new Limited Items listings, Books, CD's, Tapes, Vinyl, Zines and Misc. Items. Had a lot of problems recently, lost my e-mail account and xoom page. Were also in the middle of moving to Portland so expect a slight delay.

Awaken Industries was born as a political punk zine in 1994 and expanded to a distributer of underground and DIY (do it yourself) Music and Literature shortly thereafter. In 1995 we worked on our first booklet on Fascism and its U$ connections which was published in early 1996. Somewhere around that time we also started making Buttons which consumed much of the next year. In 1997 we started our next project, a booklet on the man-made origins of AIDS which was printed in early 1998.

We have grown from a mangy cut and paste zine and a cardboard box of records to a full time operation. We are dedicated to the underground punk and hardcore community and the politics and ideals it upholds. Please check out our site and drop us a line, your Feedback is very important to us. If you want our newest physical catalog with almost 1000 button designs, stickers, patches, music and literature, please send stamps to the address on the Order page. Also please keep in mind this site is very much still under construction, and will be improving in the future.